quick blog update — bff zakka store:)

Hello Internet world and my blogging world! I’m so apologetic that I didn’t update my blog here for like weeks already omg I’m really sorry because they are many things happening to me around me so I was kind of busy so yeah, as to compensate on my blogging loss, here is a mini update on one of the many things happened during June~~


A visit to BFF Zakka Store!!

So on this particular Friday, 21st June(half a year of the rumored world end hahaxp), my sister wants me to tag her along to this shop, or zakka store(will explain what zakka means later) to buy some stuffs and its one of her favorite place to go hehe will not explain it here, **its private**.

This zakka store is named BFF. Not the “Best Friends Forever” tagline, but is “Bird Friends Forever”. Kind of cute and cheesy right haha me think so too:3. They actually sell quite a variety of stuffs there too, ranging from small little accessories to bags and the cost are around S$2 to S$50 there, quite cheap actually **ps. some are from overseas, so somewhat imported goods are there too**

Below are some of the stuffs they sale~~ **ps. the last photo of the collage, which is the fabric cats, are NEW STUFFS and they are HANDMADE!**pottery_bffzakka notebook_bffzakka cups_bffzakka comb_bffzakka cats_bffzakka(photos adapted from BFF zakka store facebook page)

So okay, I went there I bought three items. I bought a Bear pot(小熊盆) at S$12 , Ceramic fish(陶瓷魚) at S$3(got it at 50% off, usual: S$6) , Earphone pluggy at S$3(got it at 50% off, usual: S$6). I got discounts because they are doing GSS sale at that time so I think they don’t have any promotions/sale as of now but keep a look out on their blog, facebook and instagram. *will list the blog and fb links at the end of the post~*

Oh and also I took a short and quick 6seconds video on the items I bought so if you are still wondering what it looks like, watch the video below!                                                                                                                           ↓↓↓

pooppluggy_flickr(the earphone pluggy!)

Oh yes the meaning of zakka. The word zakka actually means “many things”, from the Japanese word ‘zak-ka’(雑貨). The term refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance.

This birdfriendsforever zakka store is started by JessecaLiu•AnnKok•Humhumtaro, for your info hehe. ;D

Information of BFF zakka store:

– 479 Joo Chiat Road Level 2, Singapore, Singapore 427684. Check on Google Maps

– Opens Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00am to 8:00pm

– Telephone: +65-63489096

-Blog: http://birdfriendsforever.blogspot.sg/

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bffzakkastore/

-Instagram: http://instagram.com/bffzakkastore ; search #bffzakka #bffzakkstore on instagram for photos

Okay have come to the end of post now and hopefully you would visit their shop one day and hopefully saw something that interests you and bring it home. Highly recommend  everyone to visit their zakka store, for anything hehe:D


mingfreakrsx (;