[gadget review] Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick: Selfie stick just got more affordable and smarter!

Ahh, the feeling of writing a blog post after a while feels good”

Today, I’m bringing you a review of something trendy thatĀ selfie lovers would like it. It’s none other than theĀ Selfie Stick!

“What selfie stick you talking bout’??!”

Of course, selfie stick is damn common nowadays but today I’m showing you one that is brought to you by a company that is up-and-coming, and is none other than Xiaomi {shao-me or see-ow-me}!

-cr.: wikipedia-

Introducing to you the Mi Selfie Stick (Grey) by Xiaomi, that I won from a contest held by Mi Community SG! Read more below for detailed review~


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