[app review] flap flap.

HELLO welcome back! Let me ask you all something, do you play flappy bird? 

If your answer to the above question is yes, I congratulate you that you at least have passed the first few pipes of the game and your patience level is acceptable! If your answer is no, please go and try it out, I beg you!

This “flappy bird” is actually a mobile game, available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and maybe Microsoft Windows Phone Store. This game is so damn popular that it topped the number one slot on Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!


Look at that.. Number one grossing app on play store top free apps!

Look at that picture above. Amazing right! Flappy bird also tops the Apple app store too but I’m lazy to screenshot it.

That game design is actually some sort of a lookalike of the once-popular Nintendo game Super Mario and this flappy bird game it may look simple to play and but in reality, it’s damn tough like you gonna’ put in your 120% of patience to play this game. Just simply tap the screen to flap your(bird) wings to fly and get through the pipes.


See from the picture above, the game graphics looks damn simple to play with one bird and pipes as obstacles but to help the bird to get through the pipes you need the 120% of patience so that you can get at least up to 10 points for your very first medal for this game, the bronze medal. There are four medals available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

For me, it took me two days to master the trick to get through the pipes and finally on the 5th day after installing the app, I got my very first bronze medal!!


finally, bronze medal!

After getting my bronze medal, I try my luck to get pass my 10 points benchmark but luck isn’t with me now so I couldn’t get pass it. Recently, I lent my phone to one of my drama club junior, akik, and he managed to help me get 11 points! So damn amazed by him. He show me his high score and it’s like 45+ points(OMG!). Of course I know some people has much higher score but I’m amazed with his patience.

Until now……

The developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, tweeted on his Twitter account( @dongatory ):

I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.

– Dong Nguyen (@dongatory ) , 3:02 AM(GMT+8) – 9 Feb 2014


There have been rumors that Super Mario parent company, Nintendo, is suing the developer( Dong Nguyen ) of using the generic graphics of Super Mario in the Flappy Bird game and wants the developer to pay Nintendo, US$6 billion. Because of this, the developer needs to take down the Flappy Bird game from Play Store and App Store. Another rumor is that maybe the sudden craze on his app is getting too much and he wants peace in his daily life. Well none of this rumor is verified yet so take all these rumors as a pinch of salt.

So with all these matters, especially the removal of Flappy Bird from app stores, this Flappy Bird might eventually not make it to the Microsoft Windows Phone Store…., but however there’s a clone app of this game available on WP Store, here’s the link: Flappy Bird by IG Studio on Windows Phone Store .

Do support other games by the developer: dotgears.com

If you haven’t download the app yet, hurry to the your respective app stores and download it before it’s gone!!

Apple App Store: Flappy Bird on the App Store on iTunes

Google Play Store: Flappy Bird – Android Apps on Google Play

“Bye bye Flappy Bird, you will be missed. :'(“


mingfreakrsx (;



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